• Terms and conditions

  • 1. NATEG reserves the right to confirm or cancel any registration request without any prior notice.
  • 2. Confirmed students will be required to pay a student registration fee of 25DT (Non student registration fee is 50DT).
    The fee must be paid prior to the event day to confirm registration. Please contact your local chapter coordinator for payment process if any questions contact NATEG at 24590200
  • 3. All confirmed participants must attend the activities of NATEG DAYS 2017 on 28 July-30 July 2017 (all three days).
    Any unjustified absence will result in automatic denial of attendance in any future NATEG events.
  • 4. A proof of identity (CIN card) will be required from all the participants at the time of badge pick-up and dorms check-in.
  • 5. Confirmed participants unable to attend are required to cancel their registration at least 48 hours before the event via their user account dashboard.
  • 6. Housing2 is provided for free for all students upon request only via the registration form.