Topic: Diversity, Soft Skills, and Growing Your IT Career

Session Organizer: Dr. Cierrah Perrin

This session will deal with the lack of diversity of women and minorities in information technology (IT). Next, the importance of soft skills will be examined, and how they can be a huge benefit to your career. Lastly, this session will also provide context on how to navigate and grow your career in such a competitive industry.

Topic: Real World Skills I Wish I Learned in School.

Session Organizer: Ibtihal Mazlout

Did your degree teach you what to do when a client changes the requirements on you at the last minute? Or how to present a technical solution to a room full of people who have no idea what a variable is? I would think probably not. More than likely, you’ve spent countless hours, well into the night, writing code or completing a schematic for an assignment. You’ve finally finished the assignment and turn it in to the professor, who grades your efforts based on its execution, and that’s the end of it until the next assignment. Eventually you graduate and find yourself at your first job and realize that you have no clue on how to interact with your co-workers, managers, and clients. Here you have your degree that you’ve worked so hard to get, yet you still don’t have the knowledge needed to function at your real-life job, where your technical skills just won’t cut it. In this session, we will work through a business simulation to learn soft skills required to succeed in the real world, which are transferable across career paths.

Topic: Basic Technical Requirements for Effective Machine Design

Session Organizer: Lazhar Mazlout

In order to design machines efficiently, the designer needs to have a good working knowledge of basic machine components and an innovative spirit in putting these individual components into a working system. It is impossible to cover all these components in one session or even in many. However, the most basic and important ones will be covered. Also, we’ll cover the most common materials used and the main reasons one would select one material over another. Finally, the important aspect of tolerances and fabrication will be presented.

Topic:High Performance Microelectrostatic Out-of-Plane Actuators for Adaptive Optics and Display Applications

Session Organizer: Ridha Ben Mrad

Out-of-plane micro actuators can be used in many applications such as adaptive optics, spatial light modulation, positioning micro lenses for auto focusing/zooming, micromanipulators and vector display. These applications require the manipulation of masses with milligram size and generation of out-of-plane displacement ranging from few to hundreds of micrometers. This is difficult to achieve at the microscale. The focus of the session will be the design of novel micro electrostatic actuators platforms that provide out-of-plane motion leading to a stroke that is in the hundred micrometer range and generating large forces. Different implementations of these micro-actuators are discussed and their use for developing a number of applications including 3D micromirrors for vector display and automotive head up display, and autofocus and optical Image stabilization in phone cameras.

Topic: Authentic Networking Mastery

Session Organizer: Bobby Umar

Bobby Umar will cover the mindset, strategies, tactics and planning to effective authentic networking. He will cover the following:

  • Why Networking?
  • Building a better mindset.
  • Networking fears.
  • How Introverts can network better.
  • Diving into the strategies and tactics.
  • Getting participants to build on skills by actually stimulating activities.
  • Demonstrate how to plan for networking.
  • Cover social media networking, especially with a focus on LinkedIn.
  • Offer Q & A for any and all questions.
  • Topic: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges of mHealth Apps

    Session Organizer: Neila Mezghani

    In its general meaning, mHealth refers « Medical and public health practices based on mobile devices such as mobile phones, patient monitoring systems, personal digital assistants and other wireless devices» (World Health Organization). Mobile technology has changed and will continue to change the life of millions of people around the globe. Indeed, smartphones have become a common device in healthcare settings; leading to rapid growth in the development of mHealth apps. In this session, we will investigate trends, opportunities and challenges in developing and deploying mHealth apps. We will, also, discuss privacy and ethical issues.

    Topic: New Product Development – Startup Style

    Session Organizer: Lotfi Belkhir

    The session will introduce the students to the art and approach to developing new products on a fast track and with minimum resources. Concepts of iterative prototyping, Proof-of-Concept (POC) and minimum viable products (MVP) will be introduced interactively and illustrated with my own personal experience at Kirtas. Strong emphasis will be made on the importance of the customer involvement and the business model development in guiding the product development efforts.

    Topic: Personal Development and Soft Skills - A North American Perspective for Engineering Education

    Session Organizer: Lissa Matyas

    During this break-out session, Lissa Matyas, Director of International Partnerships at Mitacs, will cover the key competencies which North American companies have identified as being essential for Engineering graduates to be hired within their firms. While these skills are vital to career success for Engineering students, they are often not taught in the core academic programs within Engineering Schools and are instead provided by other university units or organizations such as Mitacs through the 'Step' Professional Development Program. We will review these competencies and how Engineering students can develop these soft skills outside their academic program.

    Topic: Water, Energy and Food Nexus in Tunisia

    Session Organizer: Hosni Ghedira

    This session includes discussion of state-of-the-art technologies and best-practice strategies for pursuing the development of different energy resources that use less water. The actions needed to encourage water saving in energy production and agricultural activities will be also discussed. The following question will be debated during the session:

  • How energy, water and food are interlinked?
  • What are the benefits of pursing a nexus approach compared to business-as-usual approach?
  • How renewable energy technologies can improve water security and increased access to sustainable energy sources from technical and operational perspectives?
  • How we could provide sufficient energy resources for water-related activities?
  • How we could improve energy security by diversifying the national energy mix?
  • How we can create the appropriate environment for technology transfer to Tunisia?
  • How Tunisia can benefit from lessons learned in other countries with similar nexus challenges?
  • Topic: Simulation-Driven Engineering

    Session Organizer: Adel Marzougui

    With the increasing complexity of modern day engineering problems, their multi-physics nature, and the advances in computing power, Simulation-Driven Engineering is fast becoming the proper approach to solving these complex problems and enabling modern product designs. This approach allows to buildvirtual prototypesof products and consider their Multiphysics aspects (structural, thermal, electric, fluid dynamic, and electromagnetic) and obtain results with confidence in real-time and real-world environment. This session will illustrate how today’s simulation-driven product developing is helping companies be more productive and will stress the for skilled engineers in this area in the future.

    Dr. Cierrah Perrin

    Phd, Author and Educator

    Dr. Cierrah Perrin​, Ed.D, is an Author and Educator on a lifelong mission to empower, motivate, and inspire as many women as possible through the power of words. As a community leader, she strives to support initiatives that advocate the voice of women everywhere. As an emerging author, she is a contributor in the book, “Truth Be Told: Narratives from the Souls of Black Women” and her forthcoming installment of the Woman to Woman book series will be released in the near future. Outside of the writing world, Dr. Cierrah Perrin works in the information technology sector as a Principal Business Architect. In addition, she received her doctorate by the time she was 30 and graduated at the top of her class.

    Dr. Lotfi Belkhir

    Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology

    Dr. Lotfi Belkhir​, tenure track Associate Professor, Walter G. Booth School of Engineering Practice, and Class of 1962 Mechanical Engineering Endowed Chair in Eco-Entrepreneurship. Dr. Belkhir is a visionary and results-driven academic and business practitioner. He is a researcher, teacher, inventor and entrepreneurial leader with 17 years of distinguished industrial experience in sustainable and innovation-powered business creation and economic growth. Dr. Belkhir is an expert and thought-leader in the field of Total Sustainable Management, Eco entrepreneurship, digital convergence and its socio-environmental impact. Possesses proven leadership skills in research and development, IP protection, business development, finance, strategic planning, and general management. He possesses strong and successful international experience and alliances, public speaking, and relationship building. Multicultural, and fluent in English, French and Arabic, Dr. Belkhir earned his Ph.D. in condensed matter physics from SUNY and MBA in Management of Technology, Walden University.

    Bobby Umar

    Motivational​ Executive Leadership Coach & Authority on Personal Branding

    One of Inc. Magazine‘s Top 100 Leadership speakers. A champion of authentic connection and heart-based leadership, Bobby brings an engaging presence, endless exuberance and dynamic people skills to his presentations. With a background in brand marketing, engineering and the performing arts, Bobby draws on his diverse 20-year career to lead Raeallan, whose mission is to discover, inspire and develop leadership.

    Lissa Matyas

    Director, International Partnerships at Mitacs
    Montreal, Canada

    Lissa Matyas is the Director of International Partnerships at Mitacs, a national not-for-profit organization representing all Canadian research universities whose mandate is to build partnerships between academia, industry and the world to create a more innovative Canada. In her role she negotiates country-to-country research collaboration partnerships with international government ministries, agencies, and companies, using students as the conduit to drive innovation collaborations. She has twenty years of experience in the fields of research and graduate education, university strategic planning, stakeholder relationship management and marketing. She comes to Mitacs from McGill University where she held the position of Director of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and prior to this, Director of Graduate Enrolment Management. In these roles, she led the team who won the 'Canadian Association for Graduate Studies Award for Excellence and Innovation' and the 'Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools Award for Excellence and Innovation in Graduate Education'. Prior to joining McGill she was at Concordia University for ten years. At Concordia she managed the university's strategic planning exercise in the Office of the President, held the positions of Director of Graduate Student Recruitment for the John Molson School of Business and Associate Director of the John Molson MBA Program.

    Kamel Mekki

    GM Acousica
    Ph.D Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University, USA

    Kamel Mekki: B.Sc. Michigan State (1985), M.Sc. Penn State (1987), Ph.D. Michigan State (1991) all in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Acoustics. Following a post-doctoral fellowship in Italy, he returned to Tunisia where he worked as a lead engineer on the design and development of car muffler for Poulina. He later founded his own company, Acoustica, a leading company of acoustic engineering services in Tunisia with activities in 5 sectors: Bulidings, Environment, Industrial, Vibration and Sonnorisation. He has worked on multiple national and international projects including airports in Senegal and Libya, various conference halls and auditoriums, many radio stations, hotels, restaurants, etc.

    Dr Nejia Ben Hellal

    President of the Tunisian Business Women League

    Experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry. Skilled in Business Planning, Training Delivery, English, Management, and Interviewing. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) en Gestion des Resources Humaines focused in Gestion des Resources Humaines.

    Neila Mezghani

    Full professor at TELUQ University and is a Canada Research Chair in Biomedical data mining
    Montreal, Canada

    Neila Mezghani is a full professor at TELUQ University and is a Canada Research Chair in Biomedical data mining. She is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Automated Production Engineering at the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), an associate professor at the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS) and a researcher at the Research Center of the University Hospital Center Of Montreal (CRCHUM). Pr Mezghani is interested in the analysis of massive, multimodal and heterogeneous data, based on statistical techniques, artificial intelligence and visualization. She is interested in applying these methods to the fields of health and mobile health.

    Dr. Ridha Ben Mrad

    Chair of the Mitacs Research Council
    Toronto, Canada

    Ridha Ben Mrad, P.Eng., FCSME, Director of the Mechatronics and Microsystems Group and a Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto. He is a Founding Director of Sheba Microsystems Inc. and Chief Technology Officer. He also currently holds the position of Associate Academic Director of Mitacs and Chair of the Mitacs Research Council. He joined the University of Toronto in 1997, having previously held positions at the National Research Council of Canada in Vancouver, BC, and the Ford Research Laboratory in Dearborn, Michigan. R. Ben Mrad received a PHD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1994. R. Ben Mrad’s research interests are ultra-precision actuators, micro-actuators and sensors, MEMS fabrication, and development of smart materials based devices. His research led to a number of patents and inventions including 9 US patents/patent applications and more than 200 refereed research publications. He received the Faculty Early Career Teaching Award in 2002 and the Connaught Innovation Award in 2013 and in 2014. R. Ben Mrad chairs the IEEE Industrial Electronics Committee on MEMS and Nanotechnology. He is a Technical Editor of the IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, serves on the Steering Committee of the IEEE JMEMS and is a member of the IEEE IES Publication Committee. He was as a founding Director of the Institute for Robotics and Mechatronics at the University of Toronto (2009-2011) and was Associate Chair of Research of his department (2009-2012).

    Dr. Josephine Nalbantoglu

    Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at McGill
    Montreal, Canada

    Dr. Josephine Nalbantoglu's research interests focus on the molecular genetics of Alzheimer's Disease, on the regulation of gene expression in the nervous system and on gene therapy for brain tumours. In the course of studying the role of amyloid metabolism and deposition in Alzheimer's Disease, her laboratory has generated transgenic mice that express a fragment of the human amyloid precursor protein (APP). These mice show signs of tissue injury and deficits in behaviour that model the changes that occur in Alzheimer's Disease. She is also studying the control of APP gene expression by characterizing important gene regulatory sequences and the proteins binding to them. She is also collaborating with Dr. George Karpati on adenovirus-mediated gene therapy of experimental gliomas and medullablastomas using tumour suppressor and "suicide" genes.

    Dr. Hosni Ghedira

    Director of the Research Centre for Renewable Energy, Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Dr. Hosni Ghedira is presently the Director of the Research Centre for Renewable Energy Mapping and Assessment at Masdar Institute (Abu Dhabi, UAE) and the Associate Chair of the Civil Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering Department at Khalifa University. Dr. Ghedira received his MSc degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Sherbrooke (Canada) and his PhD in Water Sciences from the University of Quebec (Canada) in 1997 and 2001, respectively. Before moving to the UAE, Dr. Ghedira spent six years at the City University of New York as assistant professor and research associate professor. He also acted as director of the Environmental Remote Sensing and Image Processing Laboratory at the NOAA Cooperative Remote Sensing Science & Technology Center (NOAA-CREST) in New York from 2003 to 2008. Dr. Ghedira has played a leading role in establishing Masdar Institute as regional research hub in the field of earth observation, satellite image processing and atmospheric modeling, attracting more than $15M of external funding over the last 5 years. Masdar Institute is now recognized as a regional research hub for adaptation of earth observation technologies for environmental monitoring in desert and arid environments, working on a diverse range of research projects with special focus on desert and arid climate such as urban heat island studies; monitoring oil spills, algal blooms, solar resources, and dust storms; national-level water budget; land-atmosphere interactions; modelling of hydro-meteorological variables; and climate change studies.

    Dr. Ammar Kouki

    NATEG President
    Montreal- Canada

    Ammar Kouki received the B.S. (Honors.) and M.S. degrees in engineering science from Pennsylvania State University, in 1985 and 1987, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign in 1991. He was a consultant for the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) between 1988 and 1991. He is currently a Full Professor of Electrical Engineering and the Founding Director of the LTCC@ETS Laboratory at École de Technologie Supérieure, Montréal, Canada. His research interests are in the areas of modeling, simulation and design of active and passive microwave and mm-wave devices and circuits, computed-aided techniques and tools, intelligent and efficient RF front-ends, 3-D circuits in LTCC, applied computational electromagnetics and antennas radio-wave propagation modeling. His research work has led directly to the creation of three start-ups (EMWorks, AmpliX and ISR technologies) and has in addition netted over 240 publications as well as 8 granted patents.

    Ibtihal Mazlout

    Computer science engineer
    Atlanta, Georgia - USA

    Ibtihal Mazlout is a Senior Consultant at Infor, the third largest provider of enterprise applications and services. Her responsibilities include requirements analysis and design, software configuration, and maintaining a positive relationship with the client. Her previous employers include Accenture, CGI, and Duke University Medical Center. Ibtihalgraduated from the University of Georgia in 2009, where she studied Computer Science. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Adel Marzougui

    Senior Software Development Engineer at ANSYS Corporation
    Canton, Michigan, USA

    Adel Marzougui obtained his B.Sc. (1986), M.Sc. (1988) and Ph.D. (1993) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has over twenty years of experience in the area of engineering simulation software development with emphasis on computational electromagnetics and multi-physics. He is a senior software developer with ANSYS, a world leader in engineering simulation software solutions. He has worked on numerous projects within ANSYS and has made key contributions to help the company establish and promote its Simulation Driven Product vision and marketing strategy.

    Lazhar Mazlout

    Mechanical Engineer at Bell Labs Lucent, USA

    Lazhar Mazlout obtained his Bachelor of Science in "Mechanical Engineering" in 1984 and Master of Science in "Aerospace Sciences" from University of Rochester in New York in 1986 and then a PhD in "Materials Science and Engineering" from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York in 1991. After working for few companies, including General Electric, Bell Labs Lucent, he has been with OFS, a former division of Lucent, sold to Furukawa Electric of Japan since 2001. His main responsibilities are designing equipment to manufacture optical fibers and performs as well as improving and developing new processes to do the same. Also, he is in charge of designing new facilities equipment layout and overseas their installation in new plants both in USA and Elsewhere such as China.

    Dr. Abdennour Seibi

    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR at University of Louisiana
    Louisiana, USA

    Dr. Seibi is a world known expert in oil & gas. He worked with the Applied Research lab at (PSU) and the Federal Highway Administration in McLean, VA. He worked in the Gulf (Oman and Abu Dhabi) over twenty years and had a close contact with the petroleum industry. He is currently teaching at the Petroleum Engineering Department at the University of Louisiana as a Professor of Practice. He provided valuable consultancy and research work on pipeline integrity, casing-formation interaction, metallic and nonmetallic pipes in hydrocarbon applications, failure analysis, and tubular expansion. He has a very active career with the oil and gas sector and made several presentations worldwide to various companies and universities. He has published over 100 refereed papers and 28 technical reports which earned him an international recognition. In addition, he participated in many committees in international conferences. His research interest focuses on the application of finite element method, experimental/numerical stress analysis, composite materials, failure analysis, and tubular expansion technology. His is currently working on downhole tubular expansion as well as well integrity related problems.

    Mohamed Bourouha

    Engineering Manager
    California, USA

    Mohamed Bourouha is the chairman of NATEG Days 2015. He leads the Engineering Solutions practice at Nexius (A leader in delivering end-to-end network services and software solutions to industries worldwide). Prior to rejoining Nexius, Mohamed worked at AT&T (The largest provider of mobile/fixed telephone services in US) where he served under different organizations from NP&E RAN engineering where he was involved in the network performance improvement of the San Francisco market to the Construction & Engineering National organization. Under C&E, Mohamed has served under the National SAQ strategy team. His team focused primarily on the optimization of the site acquisition process to develop future wireless networks. Recently, his team progressed to become the National Tower Company PMO. These strategic roles required him to develop new innovative solutions for solving complex problems that cut across many functions in the business. Many of his current initiatives use Big Data approach to analyze a large volume of data from a variety of data sources to establish strategic guidelines that are aimed at reducing CAPEX and OPEX costs. Mohamed holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Florida and a MS EE degree from Western Michigan University.

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