NATEG opens a limited number of spots for all engineering students (500 in NATEG DAYS 2016). To make the spots allocation process , NATEG implemented a web-based platform to manage registrations. The registration process is a concurrent process (First Come First Serve).

Online registration process is composed of two steps. In the first one, the student provides his full name, a valid email address and his CIN number. Once this information is submitted, an automatic email is sent to the student’s email address. This email contains a link to complete registration. In the second step, the student provides some personal information. Once the step is completed, the student can get access to his user account. If one or both steps are not completed, the student is considered not registered .

Terms and Conditions represent a moral contract between NATEG and the registered student. These terms and conditions are adopted only to ensure an optimal mutual understanding between them.

Online registration is mandatory to attend NATEG DAYS 2015. However, it does not guarantee participation because the number of free spots is limited and the registration is a concurrent process (First Come First Serve).

Registration status is available exclusively from the user account. All registered students are invited to monitor their registration status from their user dashboard. If the "registration status" indicates "Confirmed" (in bold face and green color), this means that the user participation in NATEG DAYS 2015 is confirmed. No confirmation notifications are sent email or carried out by phone.

NATEG asks guests for a very limited set of personal information. This information is used for only two purposes: (1) event organization (2) statistics. NATEG deals with personal information with high precautions. Collected information is not disclosed to third parties unless this is required by local laws. For organization and security purposes, authorities granting accommodation impose to NATEG the disclosure of the full name and CIN number of students requesting housing. This information is required for dorms check-in. All other information is kept confidential, accessed internally only by authorized persons and carefully stored in our information system.