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Full Program

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Keynote Speakers

  • First keynote speaker: Ken Clayton
  • Second keynote speaker: Joseph Paradi
  • Third keynote speaker: Marsha Ivins

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Round Tables

Format: open debate with audience in the auditorium

1st round table: the need for innovation and the role of engineergs

  • Importance of engineering innovation for economic development
  • The North American trends for engineering innovation
  • The engineer's role in innovation and in economic development
  • How can a student best prepare to assume this role?

2nd round table: entrepreneurship & technology driven company creation, financing and growth

  • Developing the entrepreneurial spirit
  • From an idea to a company: what you should think about and what you should plan for
  • Financing a startup and managing growth
  • The North American model for starting entrepreneurs

3rd round table: ingredients for creative thinking and innovation

  • Critical analysis of situations
  • Recognizing opportunities
  • Mastery of tools
  • Problem solving

4th round table: studying in North America

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Brainstorming Sessions

  • Brainstorming Session 1
  • Brainstorming Session 2
  • Brainstorming Session 3
  • Brainstorming Session 4
  • Brainstorming Session 5
  • Brainstorming Session 6
  • Brainstorming Session 7

Success Stories

  • Dr. Ahmed Khebir
  • Dr. Ammar B. Kouki
  • Dr. Fakhreddine Karray
  • Dr. Faouzi Kossentini
  • Dr. Fathi Ghorbel
  • Mr. Faycal Kahloun
  • Dr. Kamel Mekki
  • Dr. Naim Ben Hmida
  • Dr. Ridha Ben Mrad
  • Dr. Samir Kallel

Social Events

Some social events will be organized during the ESSC 2011 event. The objectives of this activity are:

  1. Build ties between the NATEG members, guests and local students and participants in an unformal environment.
  2. Hold the ESSC 2011 event in a loose atmosphere.
  3. Setup generational challenges.

Ping-Pong Tournament

Sport Tournaments:

Two main tournaments will be organized:

  1. Ping Pong.
  2. Babyfoot.

You can register to these tournaments either during the ESSC 2011 online registration or during your badge pick-up:

Babyfoot Tournament

Open air BBQ:

All the participants are kindly invited to participate to the BBQ that will be organized on July 19th from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

Open air BBQ

The First Engineering Student Summer Camp will be held at Cité des Sciences à Tunis, Tunisia.

How to get there?

Cité des Sciences à Tunis, Tunisia.

Address: Cité des Sciences à Tunis
Route X – BP. 114 Tunis 1004.
Phone: +216 71 766 000
Fax: +216 71 767 777

To reach the Cité des Sciences, you can use the public transportation:

Metro: Line 2 (Tunis - Ariana), Station: El-Fell (right after station 10 Décembre 1948 towards Ariana)
Bus: 6, 6B, 18C, 47, 27, 27A, 27C, 62, 62A
If you come by car, take the exit of cité des sciences from Route X or Hédi Karray Street.
Buses and metro in Tunis


Housing will be provided to all participants at the dorms (foyer universitaire) for the nights of 18, 19 and 20th of July. We encourage all participants (even locals) to stay at the dorms in order to socialize with fellow students.

The dorms are:

Menzah 1 for girls (Rue 10 décembre no. 28 ElMenzah I)

Caravelle Ariana for boys (Rte de l'aéroport)


Students coming from the interior regions are eligible for a transportation grant. To receive this grant, the following conditions must be respected:

  1. Students coming from the following provinces: (Le Kef, Beja, Jendouba, Kasserine, Seliana, Sidi Bouzid, Gafsa, Tozeur, Kebeli, Tataouine) are eligible for a transportation / housing grant.
  2. Participants must present their transportation ticket receipt to receive a refund. The maximum refunded amount is 20 Tunisian Dinars.

These following are usfel links to check for schedules and fares:

  1. Public buses: Société Nationale du Transport Interurbain
  2. Trains: SNCFT


Badge Pick-up


Badge pick-up will be available on the 19th of July between 7:15 AM and 8:15 AM. A stand will be open to provide visitors with badges, brochures and information.

Terms of Participation

  1. All participants must attend both days of the camp.
  2. Transportation grants will be given only to students coming from the interior regions (see details here).
  3. The registration is on first-come / first-serve basis with quotas for different regions of Tunisia to give equal participation chances to all.
  4. A proof of registration in an engineering program will be required of all participants at the time of badge pick-up.
  5. Cancellation: registered students unable to attend are required to cancel their registration at least 48 hours before the camp (freed up spots will be allocated to other students on the waiting list).

Notice: Registration is open to all undergraduate students who are pursuing an engineering program in Tunisia (including students in prepartory schools).

Final Confirmed List!

Online registration was closed. Click here to show the list of confirmed participants.

Our Sponsors

We thank all our sponsors for their generous support.

US Embassy in Tunisia
ISR Technologies
Office des oeuvres universitaires du nord
University of Sousse
University of Gabes
University of Monastir
University of Sfax
University of Manouba
University of Carthage
IEEE Tunisia - Sfax Section
IEEE ENIS Student Branch

Attendance Prizes

Twenty (20) IEEE student memberships will be granted to 20 students randomly drawn among the present participants.

All the participants will get the event t-shirt during the badge pick-up.

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