Entrepreneurship Day

Entrepreneurship Day will take place on Tuesday July 17th and presents a series of lectures and roundtables that focus on what amounts to be a most difficult but potentially most rewarding professional career: that of an entrepreneur. In order to start a business or improve on an existing business, one has to be creative, innovative, assemble a winning team of people, explore financing opportunities and be able to handle marketing, sales, and customer service.

On this third day of NATEG DAYS, we will touch upon all of these issues with a particular focus on aspects of funding a business. We will look at the North American model of funding businesses, particularly as the US and Canada are considered amongst the best places to raise capital. Entrepreneurs from North America will be present to share with you their experiences in building successful businesses. Speakers from local government programs will also be present to discuss the role of existing agencies in assisting start-up businesses and to describe the Tunisian ecosystem for raising capital through local financial institutions and private Venture Capital and Angel organizations.

Historically, our culture may favor the stable outlook of a "government job". Things have changed and such careers are becoming less and less available. With Entrepreneurship Day, we invite you to think out-of-the box and imagine yourself as a successful entrepreneur! With the accessibility of the Internet, social networks, and other new media, you can take advantage of a worldwide sales channel from your own backyard!








8:00 K. Campbell CEO Tunisiana Speaker
& Sponsor
He will be announcing their new fund, and talk about giving back to society
9:00 Jaloul AyedFormer Minister of Finance of the Republic of Tunisia Speaker Investment banking and private equity
10:00 S. Bettaieb CEO ATL Speaker
& Sponsor
He will present current existing SICARS to fund startups in Tunisia
13:20 Ferid Tounsi & Fethi Gouddi API Speakers Assisting new start-up companies, especially those related to research and innovation
14:20 Mohamed Karimi Morrocan bank Foundation for Entrepreneurship Speaker Foundation's role and financing of nascent entrepreneurship efforts

Round Tables

15:20 Khaled Ben Younes & others Tunisiana Round Table New Tunisiana fund: Discussion, process, etc.
16:20 Ziad Ben Othman & Ramzi el Fkih Alternative Capital Partners & Viamobile Round Table Private Seed fund in Tunisia 10M: Pressentation et discussion of opportunites
16:00 Halleb Abdelaziz & Naceur Jeljeli UTICA Round Table Industry/Academia Collaboration