Nateg Days 2012

All the activities related to the summer camp, workshops, entrepreneurship day, and design contest including badges pickup will take place at Palais des Sciences de Monastir.


The lunch will be provided for free at Monastir Center Hotel. Please make sure that you received the lunch tickets when you pickup your badge at Palais des Science de Monastir.


The housing will be provided for free under request via the registration form. Females will be hosted in "Foyer 3 Août Monastir" and males will be hosted in "Foyer Fattouma Bourguiba Monastir".


Palais de Sciences Monastir

Foyer 3 Août Monastir

Foyer Fattouma Bourguiba Monastir

Monastir Center Hotel

Address: B.P.63, Av. Farhat Hached 5000, Monastir
Tel: +216 73 463 556
Fax: +216 73 463 557
Address: Av. du 3 Août 5000, Monastir
Tel: +216 73 460 739
Fax: +216 73 464 245
Address: Stah Jeber 5000, Monastir
Tel: +216 73 460 142
Fax: +216 73 460 147
Address: Avenue Habib Bourgiba 5000, Monastir
Tel: +216 73 467 800

Satellite Map Showing The Sites

Direction From The Dorms To Palais Des Science De Monastir

Direction From Palais Des Science De Monastir To Monastir Center Hotel