NATEG Days 2012 is a four-day workshop, to be held at the Palais des Sciences in Monastir. It will bring together engineering and science students, faculty, business leaders, and experts from the U.S., Tunisia, and Morocco to discuss entrepreneurship and economic development, as well as technology innovation, transfer and commercialization. The first two days of the workshop will combine keynote lectures, testimonials, roundtable discussions, and hands-on interactive sessions. Participation during the first two days is expected to attract about 300 participants, most of whom will be engineering students and faculty from Tunisia, Morocco and Libya. The final two days of the workshop will feature lectures and short courses on entrepreneurship and related training, and will culminate in design and business competitions. In addition, three workshops will take place throughout the four days on the following topics: Entrepreneurship, Engineering Education, and Effects of Climate Change on Tunisia's Water Resources. Participation during the final two days will be limited to a select group of engineering students and early-career faculty from Tunisia and Morocco. Students must pre-register for the workshop and once selected, their participation is free.

Basically NATEG Days 2012 will include the following activities:

* Two days Student Summer Camp, similar to ESSC 2011
* A half day workshop on engineering education reform
* A full day workshop on the effects of climate changes on Tunisia's water resources
* A full day dedicated to entrepreneurship
* A full day for design competitions
* Various entrepreneurship activities organized by the US-Tunisia-Morocco Partnership (UTMP) program
* A Technology Transfer Program (TTP) reunion

Some of the above activities are concurrent so that the duration of the event would not exceed four days.